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Direct Link Sales Suspended

In April of 2005, TextLinkBrokerage will celebrate our one-year anniversary. The past year has been incredibly prosperous for TLB as well as for our clients.

We've built more than one hundred individual websites for categories of all kinds. We've placed more than 6,000 links on more than 284,000 distinct web pages. Our own site has risen to the top in web searches for common terms related to the text link industry, and our link sites have done the same for their own target keywords. Almost all of our clients report that they have reaped the impressive benefits of our hard work. It's been a wonderful year, and we thank you for helping to make us the best!

In short, we've outperformed our wildest expectations and we simply can't continue to grow at the same pace. We had to make a decision as to how we wanted to devote our resources in the future.

As of April 1, 2005, TextLinkBrokerage is no longer offering direct sales to the public. Instead, we've decided to focus all of our efforts on some of our most demanding clients, to ensure that they receive the dedication and attention they require. Our elite clients will be getting a new suite of services above and beyond what TextLinkBrokerage has provided, and with such a workload, we can no longer accept general orders. We simply don't have the time to keep up!

Existing clients who have already purchased text links through and including April 1, 2005, don't worry! Your links will remain placed, as always. We will begin allowing our link sites to gradually die off over time, but no one will see their links disappear before the term that they purchased. In addition, we've suspended our expiration system, so all links which are active today will remain active indefinitely.

Clients who have purchased links on a 3 or 6 month term will get their 3 or 6 months worth of service, plus indefinite service until our link sites perish, at no extra charge. No existing standard client will be billed again. If you have already purchased links via TextLinkBrokerage, they will remain in place until the sites on which they reside slowly die off. What this means is that all of our clients who are currently paid-up will wind up having their links displayed longer than they'd bargained for!

Although we will no longer be selling text links to the general public, if you represent a link sales or SEO budget that you believe is large enough to warrant our attention, we welcome your inquiries.

We thank our existing clients for your patronage and we've appreciated the opportunity to serve you.

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