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Webmasters can make good money selling our inventory right off your website easily.

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If you have quality sites, we could be making you money selling ads for you!

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Become a Partner Webmaster

Are you looking to make some extra income from your websites?

We specialize in selling quality text links and banner ad spots at affordable rates. If you have a quality website that meets our standards, then you can make a decent income from becoming an inventory partner with us today. We do all the hard work for you, such as making the sales, handling the customers, billing and processing. You just put the buyers link(s) on your sites and get paid every month. Becoming a product partner with us is simple and fast.

We also leverage other means of advertising to your audience by considering opt-in email campaigns, sponsorships, direct mail, and more.

Our payouts to partners are among the highest in the industry, and easily comparable to what you would be able to charge by doing it all yourself. You gain the automation and an outside sales staff and contacts that can make a world of difference, and you lose nothing at all.

We feel that this partnership is a win-win situation for both your company and ours, and we look forward to many years of mutual profits.

If you would like to get the ball rolling right now towards profitability, simply call us at the number below or contact us through jAvVy and one of our representatives will contact you about how we can help each other.

Phone: 888-763-6797 or jAvVy Contact Form

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