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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my links be placed?

Your links will be placed on our own websites (or those of our partners, if you order partner inventory) which best fit the criteria you choose.

When will my links be placed?

It typically takes less than 3 business days to place an ad purchase. The delay accounts for approvals and setup. However, all billing begins only once your ad is accepted by the webmaster and approved to go go live within the following 24 hours.

How long before some search engines see my links?

Since Text Link Brokerage no longer sells direct text links on a network of websites, it is doubtful that the larger search engines will index your site as a result of buying most advertising. However, there are numerous options available to get indexed quickly and thoroughly. Our customers focus on generating leads and sales rather than search rankings. Although, all of our customers do see a nice boost in search rankings that occur as a "natural result" of quality advertising.

Some search engines can take between 1 and 3 months before they "see" and publicly show links. Some links will be faster, some will be slower, all depending on the search engines' schedules of spidering the sites carrying your ads.

How long do changes I make in my URL or anchor text take to go live?

You can make changes to the outbound URL and anchor text for your links in the client control panel at any time. Due to some users attempting to sneak adult-oriented ads into mainstream categories, all changes require the approval of an administrator. This process is generally done within 24 hours, and your changes take effect on the sites at that time.

Why do I have to buy 3 months in advance instead of one?

Setting a 3-month minimum gives a fair guage of whether or not a campaign is paying off. Therefore we have set this timeframe as the reasonable expectation of results. This gives you a reasonable timeframe to see the results of your campaign, at which point you can decide whether to continue your ads, purchase more, or evaluate why the ads are not helping you enough.

Why don't you tell me what sites I will be on?

Due to the potential "spam" nature of Text Link Brokerage's previous method of selling text link ads, customers would not know where their links would place. It really surprises us that people would pay sight unseen, but it does happen.

At any rate, the "new" Text Link Brokers does not engage in any questionable forms of advertising, and we focus on quality advertising that generates leads and sales. All customers will always know in advance where there ads will place.

Can you guarantee me a PageRank of...?

Update: Buying PageRank is a very bad, long term business strategy.

Experience has shown that inbound links (IBLs) from sites with a favorable PageRank can improve the PageRank and search result position of your own site. However, it's impossible to guarantee that your website will receive a specific PageRank, or that it will appear in a specific spot in search results, as a result of your new text link ads. Each search engine has a different algorithm for determining search results, and you will do better in some engines than you will in others.

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